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We offer septic tankers for water, so-called water carts from MEPROZET - the largest Polish manufacturer of slurry tankers with a long history and numerous successes in machine production.

Septic tankers 1

PN-50 septic tanker

• tank capacity: 5,000 l
• length: 5 080 mm
• width: 2 100 mm
• height: 2,410 mm
• tare weight: 1 350 kg
• weight with load: 6,350 kg
• number of axles: 1
• number of wheels: 2
• wheel track: 1,600 mm
• tyres: 500/50 x 17
• vertical load on the coupling point: 10 kN
• tractor power: 50 hp
• filling time: 3 minutes
• spreading width with a bucket: 14 m
• compressor type: JUROP PN 45 M, rotary
• compressor capacity: 5 300 l/min

Short and long-term rentals of septic tankers with a capacity of 5.000 litres complete with an agricultural tractor or without.

Septic tankers 2

* It is also possible to rent a septic tanker with a capacity other than 5,000 litres.

The PN-50 septic tanker is made as a self-supporting tank, which is mounted on a single axle wheel set.

The hot-dip galvanized steel tank with the central frame has internal reinforcement rings. The rear end is closed with a manhole of 600 mm in diameter. Sight glasses are installed on the front end. There is a relief valve at the top of the tank.

The filling of the septic tanker is possible due to vacuum produced in the tank by the compressor driven by the PTO shaft from the tractor. The septic tanker is emptied by means of overpressure or gravity.

Road transport
The septic tanker is accompanied with an EC declaration of conformity. The certificate of approval allows the septic tanker to be registered and operated on public roads.

Septic tankers 3

Septic tankers 4

Standard equipment:

- 4" suction hose of 6 m in length with a basket
- compressor with safety valve
- tilting spreading bucket
- silencer/ oil recoverer
- fenders
- float valve at the top of the tank
- overflow tank
- rear manhole of 600 mm in diameter
- sight glasses on the front end
- manovacuometer
- adjustable support foot
- replaceable catch
- single-conduit braking system
- 12 VDC electrical installation
- hydraulic system for opening the drain pipe

* In addition to the standard version, the septic tanker can be made in a special version and have optional equipment to extend its functionality.

WARRANTY: 18 months

We provide warranty and post-warranty service as well as spare parts.


As part of the monthly subscription, we immediately provide you with a septic tanker in the event of any breakdown. We undertake to keep septic tankers continuously ready so that you can use them in unforeseen circumstances. As part of the subscription fee, we guarantee that you can immediately rent a septic tanker free of charge, for a week during each quarter.

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