OXYS PEHD non-return flap valves prevent backflow in the event of increased level of the sewage downstream the flap valve. They perform protective and regulating functions.

* They are used for unidirectional closing and opening of pipe ducts.
* They operate automatically under pressure differential.
* They are made of high-quality high-density polyethylene (HDPE).
* They are resistant to aggressive substances found in blackwater or stormwater - they are non-corrosive.
* They are used in sewerage and drainage systems as terminal devices.

OXYS non-return flap 1

Available types of non-return flap valves:

* Straight-run check valve, wall mounted
* Wye check valve, mounted on the pipe (spigot)
* Wye check valve, mounted to the pipe
* Wye check valve, wall mounted
* Wye check valve, mounted with pressure flange (drill hole as required by the customer)
* Network flap valve

On individual order, we can deliver flap valves, adapted to the existing installation conditions.

* The non-return flap valve is adapted to be mounted at the end of the gravity (non-pressure) pipeline.
It is not adapted to take pump loads, in particular high capacity pump loads.

Non-return flap valves PEHD